About the Speakers


Dr. Rodney Howard-Browne was born in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, and grew up in the Eastern Cape and Transkei. His wife, Adonica, was born in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, and raised in Johannesburg. Rodney gave his heart to the Lord at the age of five and Adonica gave her heart to the Lord at the age of seventeen. They met and married in 1981 and immediately went full-time together into the traveling ministry. Over the next six years they travelled across Southern Africa, including Zimbabwe and Namibia, preaching the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. In 1983, they pioneered a church in the Northeastern Cape and pastored there for two years. After that, Rodney taught classes in a leading Bible School for another two years.

During this time, they had three children: Kirsten, born in 1982, Kelly May, born in 1984, and Kenneth, born in 1987. Rodney and Adonica knew, even before they married, that they were both called to travel around the world to preach the gospel and they had a particularly strong calling toward the United States of America. In 1987 the door opened for them to go to America. Rodney visited America twice that year, preaching in several churches and in December 1987 the whole family travelled to America to fulfil the call and plan and purpose of God and to move into the new phase of ministry that God had called them into. The Lord supernaturally provided for their air tickets and they came to America with only $300, four suitcases, and their three children, then aged five, three and seven months.

Rodney and Adonica came to America with a passion burning in their heart to see souls saved and lives touched and also with a commission from the Lord. He told them to, “Stir up the churches and tell them to get ready for the coming revival.” In order to see a great harvest of souls, the Church must be stirred up and a fire must be lit on the inside of them to see souls saved and the lost brought into the kingdom and family of God. The Lord also told them that He would use them in the same way that He used Joseph in Egypt. He told them that in the end, they would be a greater blessing to their homeland by living in America, than they would if they had stayed in South Africa. Since, then they have had some wonderful meetings in various cities in South Africa, including some that went for up to four weeks, with thousands of people in attendance. In one week of revival in Johannesburg, they registered over 22,000 people at their South African camp meeting. However, they feel that this word from God has truly been fulfilled through the Good News crusades in South Africa!

From January 1988, they travelled across America for fifteen months, all the time praying that God would pour out His spirit upon His people and that they would have a supernatural encounter with the Holy Spirit that they would never forget. In the sixteenth month, April 1989, the glory of God was poured out in a Tuesday morning service in a church in upstate New York, beginning a revival that continues to this day. That week, hundreds of people were dramatically touched and changed by the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit and since then, hundreds of thousands of people, around the world, have experienced the life-changing power of God.

When people encounter the presence of God, they are saved, healed, set free, and delivered. When people allow the Spirit of God to do a work in them, their relationships are restored, broken hearts are mended, wounded emotions are made completely whole, and they are filled with love, joy, and peace. No man can do these things—only the Spirit of the Lord—but in order for Him to be made manifest in our midst, He must first be made welcome in our midst!

Rodney and Adonica feel that God has called them to teach the body of Christ, by example, how to create an atmosphere in the church, through the worship of Father, Son and Holy Spirit, so that the presence of God can be made welcome and so that He can touch His children as He sees fit. Jesus said that if He is lifted up then He would draw all men unto Himself. Our job is to lift Him up and not be ashamed of the Word of God or the Spirit of God. Rodney and Adonica teach on how you can have revival in your own life and they have seen the power of God touch and change people’s hearts, for eternity, on six continents. No matter what their language is, or their customs, or their culture, in the end, they all respond to the Holy Spirit in the same way.

Rodney and Adonica have seen mighty revivals break out in North, South and Central America, Africa (including South Africa), the United Kingdom, Europe, Scandinavia, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, the Philippines, and Israel and run anywhere from one to four consecutive weeks. In one year they held a total of thirteen weeks of revival in Lakeland, Florida. Rodney and Adonica felt that God did not want them to run revivals longer than four consecutive weeks in churches, because their commission is to stir up the churches and the pastors, shake them out of their complacency, fire them up to press in deeper with the Holy Spirit, and then leave them to do what God has called them to do in their city.

Rodney and Adonica, and their ministry team, under the banner of Revival Ministries International, travel about 46 weeks of the year, holding weekly meetings in cities across North America and around the world. They also pastor a church in Tampa, Florida, The River at Tampa Bay, which they founded on December 1, 1996 and which now has 3000 members. In the summer of 2001, the Lord blessed them with a beautiful two-year old building on the main highway that is worth twice what they paid for it! In 1997, they started the River Bible Institute, training students in the Word and the Spirit, imparting into their hearts both a spirit of evangelism and of revival. They also started an online version of the Bible School, allowing students of every nation, with access to the Internet, to participate.

Rodney and Adonica have never lost their focus on the most important assignment of their lives and ministry—souls. In 1998, God gave Rodney a dream about a huge soul-winning crusade in New York City, so in the summer of 1999, under the banner of Good News New York, they rented Madison Square Garden for six weeks of focused soul-winning. Street evangelists, ordinary people who had been touched by revival, from every continent were in New York every day for eight weeks, telling people that God had a great plan for their lives and leading them to Jesus. Altogether, 48,459 people made Jesus the Lord of their lives (recorded decisions). In the summer of 2000, it was Good News Shreveport/Bossier in the state of Louisiana—eight weeks of street evangelism, going door-to-door and six weeks in the Hirsch Coliseum. 59,247 souls were saved this time.

In November 2004, it was Soweto, South Africa’s turn—in just 10 nights, 177,600 decisions for Christ were recorded at Good News Soweto. In May of 2005, they held their second mass crusade, Good News Umlazi near to Durban, South Africa. They had an accumulated attendance of over 539,000 people over 10 nights and had over 286,750 souls saved in the stadium, and many more over the radio. In October of 2005, they returned again to South Africa for their third mass crusade. In just five nights, 113,000 precious people gave their lives to the Lord in Mamelodi, near the capital of Pretoria. In Soweto, the meeting went out live, across Africa on God TV, and on two local radio stations, one secular, one Christian. In Umlazi, the meeting was broadcast on three radio stations, one secular and two Christian, and in Mamelodi it went out over four radio stations, two Christian and two secular. In this way, countless numbers of people were impacted by the power of God!

Every night they preached a soul-winning message, gave an altar call for salvation, ministered on the baptism of the Holy Spirit and prayed with the people to be filled with the Spirit and to speak in other tongues. Then they prayed for all those who needed healing, as the people placed their hands on the sick part of their body. Many wonderful healings took place both at the crusade venue and over the radio!

Already, in Tampa, Florida, 328,565 souls have been saved in nearly four years of focused soul-winning in the church and on the streets.

Rodney and Adonica’s second daughter, Kelly was born with an incurable lung disease, called Cystic Fibrosis. This demonic disease slowly destroyed her lungs and early on Christmas morning 2002, at the age of eighteen, after being on oxygen for fourteen months, she ran out of lung capacity and breathed her last breath. They had held onto her for as long as they could—she almost died at eleven months and again at three years old—and God had spared her life for all this time, but now they felt her slipping out of their grasp. Kelly’s life had always spurred them on—instead of backing off when the devil attacked her body, they pushed back at him! They fought harder, they did more, they gave more, they stretched their faith to see more of God’s power in action, they preached more, they prayed more, and they believed for more miracles and for even greater miracles! Kelly was their fight!

As they held her in their arms, as her body lay dying, and before the devil could snuff out her life, they did the only thing that they could think of doing: they offered their precious daughter, the best gift that they could ever give in a lifetime, to the Lord as an offering on the day the world celebrated His own birthday. They placed her into the arms of her Lord and Savior and then vowed a vow. First, they vowed that the devil would pay for what he had done to their family. Secondly, they vowed to do everything in their power, with the help of the Lord, to win 100 million souls to Jesus and to put $1 billion into world missions and the harvest of souls!

Now, they don’t expect to do this by themselves. To the best of their ability, they will contribute to this number, but they are also helping, encouraging, inspiring and empowering others to do the same. Already, they have sowed millions of dollars into other ministries who are in the harvest fields. They financially support Reinhard Bonnke Ministries, Acres of Love, a home for abandoned and AIDS babies in South Africa, and many other ministries.


Dr. David A. Newberry is a dynamic preacher and teacher of the Word, whose ministry of 44 years has seen him minister in 35 countries, preaching in crusades, planting churches, teaching in Bible schools, and seeing the power of God manifested through miracles and healings.  He pioneered and pastored Miracle Life Family Church – a vibrant church of 1,100 people in Zambia, Africa (98-04). He ministers internationally and across America, proclaiming the Gospel in power.

David was called to preach at the age of nineteen.  He attended Bible college, graduating with BA degrees in Bible and History and a minor in Education.  David and his late wife of 37 years, Cheryl, met and married in 1965.  They immediately began full-time Christian ministry and were ordained by the Assemblies of God in 1968.  They pastored for five years in Oklahoma, before answering the call to missions in 1970.  From 1972 through 1981, they ministered among the Zulu tribe in the country of South Africa.  Evangelistic crusades were conducted, five churches were built, and seed was sown into numerous churches, Bible schools and Bible school students.

The Lord brought a new direction in their ministry as the Lord wanted them to move to the country of Zimbabwe (formerly Rhodesia).  Whereas their previous ministry had been centred within the Assemblies of God mission structure, the Lord began to show David that the move of God that was coming to Africa was going to be much larger than any one church could contain.  The Lord began to speak to him about evangelizing the country of Zimbabwe.

In Zimbabwe, evangelistic crusades were held in a 10,000 seat tent.  The Gospel was preached to often over-flowing crowds, bringing salvation, healing and deliverance to thousands.  New converts were channelled into new works or into existing local churches representing many different denominations.  Just as the Lord had shown David earlier, God was moving and this move had no barriers as to age, colour or church affiliation.

The charismatic-faith message became very real to him as the Holy Spirit opened up scriptures.  Teaching by men such as Kenneth E. Hagin and Kenneth Copeland brought a new dimension to his ministry, resulting in a greater flow of the gifts of the Spirit.

While in Zimbabwe, David served as Field Secretary on an Executive Committee for Southern Africa, overseeing 75 missionaries, seven Bible schools and a printing press.  He also was the Chairman of the Field for Zimbabwe and oversaw Children’s Child Care providing food relief and ministry to starving Mozambique refugees.  The Lord also opened the doors during that time for him to travel as a guest with Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke, praying for the sick in crusades.

In keeping with the vision of evangelism involving the entire body of Christ, the Newberrys resigned from the A/G missions department in 1987, leaving behind trucks, a PA system, a 10,000 seat tent and a ministry headquarters.  They went out not knowing exactly how or where they were going; only knowing the Lord was leading them into an exciting new phase of ministry!  They went forth reaching the nations of southern and central Africa with a faith-filled message that Jesus saves, delivers and heals today.

From 1987 to 1994, the Newberry’s ministry was Tulsa-based.  During that time they spent six months per year ministering in Africa.  Cheryl had the opportunity of attending Rhema Bible Training Centre.  Brother Newberry is ordained with Rhema Ministerial Associational International.

In 1994, they shipped all of their household and an evangelism truck to Zambia, where they lived, Cheryl until her home going in August, 2002, and David until February, 2004.  While in Zambia, the great need for people to be disciple, stirred in their hearts the vision to establish a Bible school.  In 1995 they saw the Lord move graciously, saving and healing thousands.  Preparation for the start of the Bible school classes began.  The Lord gave divine favour as a church provided a beginning set of curriculum.  In January, 1996, Miracle Life School of the Bible began.  The Bible school was setup up with sixteen subjects, each of which consisted of 20 hours of teaching.

Oswald Chambers once said:
“It is easier to serve God without a vision, easier to work for God without a call, because then you are not bothered by what God requires; common sense is your guide, veneered over with Christian sentiment . . . but if once you receive a commission from Jesus Christ, the memory of what God wants will always come like a goad; and you will no longer be able to work for Him on the common-sense basis.”

For several years, the Lord dealt with David about starting a church.  In May, 1998, Miracle Life Family Church was started in Lusaka, the capital city of Zambia.  The church exploded in growth, starting with only 17 and growing to 1,100 in 5 ½ years.

In 2003, God began to speak to Brother Newberry about a season of new beginnings and that he would be basing out of the States.  The Lord spoke to him about a couple to take over the church in Zambia.  God had helped him grow a church of influence that the city and the nation have not been able to ignore.  The dynamic of growing leaders was and is a vital key to changing a city with the Gospel.  The leadership of Miracle Life Family Church was passed on to a great couple, who took this multi-ethnic, self-supporting church to the next level.  It is exciting to see fruit that remains, with the church now running over 3,000.

Since leaving Africa as a missionary and pastor, Brother Newberry has continued to minister in crusades there, as well as minister in churches and Bible schools in other nations.

He has also had the privilege of investing into the lives of future leaders in Dallas, teaching for a year at Christ for the Nations.  During his time there, he saw miracles among his students, with many being healed and filled with the Holy Ghost.

He has served as a counsellor to military personnel and as a consultant to both Operation Freedom and the Military Bible Association.  He has also been involved in the planning stages of the Military Chaplains’ Leader’s Bible.

The Lord has also led him to work among the Slavic (Russian speaking) peoples.  He has helped train almost 1,000 Slavic youth for the ministry in Siberia, the Ukraine, and America.

Dr. Newberry’s life is a testimony to the goodness of God.  Dr. Newberry is a man who believes that the supernatural is natural, whose ministry has been earmarked by consistent demonstrations of the power of God.  He knows that as the message of the Gospel is preached, lives will be changed by the Word of God.  Expect your life to be transformed as you receive the Word today.


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